To Nourish The Soul

Guiding people into a life of creative nourishment


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The demands of life can be exhausting, leaving us feeling disconnected and stuck

Everyday routine feels deadening. You lack creativity or the time to explore the arts. Everyone and everything else comes first. There is no priority or value for playful expression.

The Soul aches in longing to connect with something sacred.

We long to feel connected to something greater

Connecting with the rhythm of Nature (source energy) nourishes and energizes us effortlessly. In wonder and awe, the joy of everyday magic comes to life.

With presence, we liberate, heal and express ourselves fully. Inspired by beauty and expanded with love, we are empowered in belonging to the interconnection of all of life.

Lisa Pranam

Visionary Artist, Ceremonial Priestess
& Soul Nourishment Mentor

I know how frustrating it can be when you try so hard to eat well, exercise and meditate to stay healthy but at the end of the day you still feel tired, disconnected, and like something is missing.

This is where the transformative power of creative inquiry and intentional living comes in. Nobody should have to work so hard to access innate joy, creative energy and personal fulfillment. Living in creative flow generates SOUL NOURISHMENT.

20+ years in healing arts, intentional living, and personal transformation.

“Lisa supports me in remembering to nourish myself along with all the nourishment I offer others. From food, to painting to spontaneous ceremonies to celebrate the fullness of life, she exercises her creativity to illumine the beauty hidden in the mundane.”

Leslie Potter,  Founder of Purejoy Parenting

We live in a culture obsessed with productivity

We live in a world that values productivity and performance over experience and enjoyment. The pressure to constantly produce and consume drains our energy leaving us tired and disconnected from true fulfillment.

When we feed our creativity, life becomes enjoyable again

Join me in the practice of living in creative flow.
Tune in to your true self, nature, and source
Get unstuck and open up to new possibilities
Channel wonder, awe and beauty
Live a nourished life in creative flow connected to Something Greater.
Live a nourished life in creative flow connected to Something Greater.
Tune in to your center with embodiment practices
connect with your creative spirit for guidance
open up your creative channel and let it flow
Are you ready to open up your creative flow?

Find out how to unleash your creativity to  nourish your soul

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